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Lifted mart was founded with years of collective experience in the cannabis and hemp industry with the mission of launching the best-in-class hemp-derived Delta-8 THC products in the market. Based in California, we have been providing top-notch quality CBD products such as vape cartridges, tinctures, and edible gummies. Our primary focus has always been experienced along the health benefits of hemp extracts. Our products are infused with the cleanest, premium-grade extracts, direct-from-farm, Delta-8 THC, by employing a unique methodology that focuses highly on quality, purity, and experience. 100% clean products clear from harmful elements like toxic elements like cadmium, lead, mercury, butane, & hexane is our promise. We believe in delivering the highest quality regardless of the time, cost, and effort involved in the manufacturing process.

Our mission

Our mission has always been to create products for claiming virtues of higher dimensional thinking. We believe in the potential of visionary plants like hemp for mindful growth and development. Hemp products will open your mind and help you to explore new dimensions. All of our products are full panel tested and created in GMP-certified facilities for superior quality and purity guaranteed. We strive to deliver transparency, unyielding quality, exceptional product potency, and exemplary customer service at better prices.

Enjoy the extended potential of our CBD products for self-growth, creativity, and ultimate recreational experience.

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